Manufacturer, exporter and Supplier all type of :-
Textile Machinery,Textile Betching Machine,
Gum Statre Machine,Textile Dyeing Jigar Machine.


SHIV SHAKTI ENGG WORKS offers almost the complete Range of Textile Wet Processing & Finishing Machines from Scouring and Bleaching to Finishing and Folding with the latest fully Automatic Control Instruments and for a variety of fabrics made of Natural and Synthetic Fibers, including Cotton, Polyester, Wool, Viscose, Silk and various type of fabrics like Woven, Knitted, Terry, Tubular Knitted Fabrics etc. SHIVSHAKTI can also offer Wider Width Machines and special purpose machines to suit any and all requirements.

Vision :
Our Production programme includes Tube Dyeing Machines for Silk and delicate yarns, with 2-4-6 Tubes. Cabinet Yarn Dyeing machines having 50-100-200-300 Kg. capacity. Continuous Yarn Dryers for Hank Yarn, Hydro Extractors, Over-Flow Dyeing machine specially designed, for Silk, Knitted Fabrics and Terry Towel Fabrics (each model suitable for specific fabrics), Loop Dryer, Conveyor Dryers, Shrink Dryers etc. Swastik has recently started manufacturing machines for Technical Textile and Nonwovens.

We have supplied our machines - particularly Washing Ranges - Scouring Ranges - Stenter - Loop Steamer - Singeing machine, Rotary Printing, Mangle, Winch Dyeing machine, Conveyor Dryer Water heater Hot water boiler Thernic boiler and Steam boilers etc. to various countries such as etc.

Shiv Shakti Water Heater (Wood/Waste/Coconut Sheel Fired Hot Water Boiler for Uses Hotel, Swimming Pool, Industries, House, Textile & Dying Industries, Hpspital, Hostel.


Hot Water Boiler

Hot Water Boiler.

How To Operate?

Get Hot Water in Bhathroom

Very Use Ful For Plastic Industries

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